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The company was founded in 2017. At the moment, 237 stores have been opened in Russia.

The company's annual turnover is 720,000,000 rubles, 526,000 liters of oil were shipped.

According to research on the perfume sales market, it ranks 1st in 98 of the largest cities in Russia.


2018 was a breakthrough year for us in creating unique business tools, which helped launch the network to the first 27 cities, including Moscow and Vladivostok. The turnover of the shipment of perfume oils increased by 800%


2019 was aimed at systematizing the management of the parent company and attracting investments to launch 100 stores in Russia and CIS countries


The year 2020 brought us very sad news about the infection with a new type of COVID-19 infection and the impossibility of trading in shopping centers, but we did not lose heart and transferred all sales to Online platforms, which helped us increase brand awareness in Russia.


In 2021, 157 stores are already operating, which greatly influenced the competitive advantage over small perfume oil companies that wished to re-brand under our name and bring more customers to high-quality oils


In 2022, 43 more stores were launched, which helped us break the bar in 200 stores and the shipment of 270,000 liters of perfume oils


2023, 237 stores were already launched in July, which led us to the fact that it is necessary to launch new fragrance lines and select new suppliers for the development of the assortment

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Vitaly Gorbunov
Vitaly Gorbunov
Head of the partner network
Tamerlan Allakhyarov
Tamerlan Allakhyarov
Head of the Warehouse Department